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Safeguarding is the responsibility of everybody.

If you have any suspicion or worry about the safety of anyone, you must report it to the appropriate person.

We take safeguarding very seriously: to download a copy of our Safeguarding Policy, please click here. Should you have any safeguarding concerns, please contact one of the following:
Lesley Hunter - parish safeguarding officer - (01933) 222910
Bev Huff - diocesan safeguarding advisor - (01733) 887040

If you cannot contact either of these people and the person about whom you are concerned is in immediate danger of harm, you must call the police on 999.


Basic training is an option that everyone is encouraged to complete. This takes about one hour and gives you the skills to recognise if a safeguarding issue exists. This course can be completed online or a copy can be requested by contacted the parish safeguarding officer.

Everyone with any position of authority or leadership in the church is required to have a current DBS clearance. This includes all clergy, church wardens, PCC members, group leaders, to name a few: the parish safeguarding officer will clarify with you if you need a DBS.

Everyone who has a DBS is also required to complete training module C1. This can be a face-to-face training session arranged through the parish safeguarding officer or can be completed through the Diocese.

All clergy, church wardens and parish safeguarding officers are also required to complete training modules C2 and S3, and clergy and at least one other member of the church should also complete module S1. All these have to be arranged with the Diocese.

All training is valid for three years after which the 'highest' module must be completed again: if you are a church warden, this means that you must complete C2 again but not C0 or C1.

All DBS certificates are valid for five years, but an increasing number of people are subscribing to the update service (which is free for volunteers) and does not require you to renew your DBS.