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Family History

The main records that are of help within any parish church are the baptism, marriage and burial registers. The information available within these varies greatly from one parish to another, especially when looking at older records. What was included was very much at the discretion of the priest. At one extreme, the priest would record the name of the child to be baptised, the name of the father and the date of the baptism. At the other extreme, the name of the mother and any witnesses were included along with the employment of the father and any male witnesses and the address at which the family lived.
If you are new to family research or you have hit a 'brick wall', you may find this document useful.
The earliest parish record at Holcot dates from 1559: this register covering the period from 1559 to 1599 includes all entries: this coincides with the production of parchment books in which records were to be kept.
Baptisms were recorded separately from 1600 to 1640, 1662 to 1762 and 1764 to 1812.
Marriages were recorded separately from 1600 to 1639, 1662 to 1681, 1695 to 1705, 1716 to 1754 and 1755 to 1812.
Burials were recorded separately from 1600 to 1641, 1662 to 1762, 1764 to 1812.
All the older registers have now been deposited at the Northamptonshire County Record Office where some have been transcribed and some have been filmed.
Current registers are in the care of the church wardens. Searches of these registers may be carried out for which a charge will be made. Contact with the wardens can be made using the contact details on the 'About Us' page.
There is a churchyard plan, but this covers only the north side of the churchyard.
There is a current project in which all the gravestones are being photographed and transcribed. Click here for a copy of the index of gravestones (those shown with * beside the reference will not be uploaded). Click here to see the gravestones that have already been uploaded. If you want more information about a person, check that there is a reference in this index as this shows that the gravestone has been photographed and transcribed: a person on this list who has no reference is known to have a gravestone but this has not yet been photographed and transcribed. Click administrator to request further details: make sure you include your name and email address, put Holcot Church as the subject, and include any other details that are relevant.