Parish History

The starting point of the parish is now lost in the mists of time: the only recorded fact is that the first church was endowed by King David of Scotland during the twelfth century. There is sparse documentary evidence relating to the church from the mid-thirteenth century.

The vicar general to Henry VIII dictated that all parish churches must keep some form of record of baptisms, marriages and burials. Some churches did not adhere to this or the book in which the records were kept has not survived.

The earliest parish record at Holcot dates from 1559: this register covering the period from 1559 to 1599 includes all entries: this coincides with the production of parchment books in which records were to be kept.

Baptisms were recorded separately from 1600 to 1640, 1662 to 1762 and 1764 to 1812.

Marriages were recorded separately from 1600 to 1639, 1662 to 1681, 1695 to 1705, 1716 to 1754 and 1755 to 1812.

Burials were recorded separately from 1600 to 1641, 1662 to 1762, 1764 to 1812.

The churchwardens’ accounts were first recorded in 1776.

Gaps in any of the records are the result of the Commonwealth and periods of interregna. More accurate and standardised records were introduced in 1812 when guidelines were produced stating what had to be recorded and who had to be given copies.

All historic records are now kept at the County Record Office at Wootton Park, Northampton. More recent registers are, obviously, still in use and are stored securely with one of the churchwardens. Contact should be made with a churchwarden should a search be required. Notice of 7 to 10 days should be given. A fee will be charged for this service.